The main purpose of duct cleaning (also known as HVAC) is to reduce indoor air pollution, while improving air quality, as well as, lowering your energy bill.  Duct cleaning means the  cleaning of many types of heating and cooling systems, basically anywhere where air is forced through.  This is done to reduce human reactions to airborne allergens, as well as control environments where mold and germs can thrive. As major conduits through which air enters any structure, cleaning air ducts can make a large difference in the physical health of all occupants.
Generally we tell our customers that it all depends on your level of comfort, any health problems such as allergies or unexplained symptoms.  Duct cleaning isn’t required and there is no law forcing any individual to get their HVAC systems cleaned.  Some associations require routine check- ups and cleaning protocols but in most cases, especially when it comes to residential duct cleaning in Hawaii and Honolulu, the decision is yours!
  •   Removal of mold, dust, pollen and other fragments
  •   Removal of insects and/or rodent feces
  •   Better indoor air quality
  •   Lower heating or cooling bill
  •   Reduce many health symptoms depending on the individual
Duct cleaning includes but is not limited to the return and supply air ducts, the registers, the diffusers and grilles, the heating and cooling fan coils, the drip pans, as well as the air-handling unit.


How AirCare Hawaii determines whether to clean your air ducts or not depends on the situation; we almost always require a visual inspection at no expense.  Sometimes people may be experiencing health issues not relating to an indoor air system but to chemicals or how a building was built, and we determine that as well.  Building science is our expertise and discovering the source is what we do best.



Based on our findings as well as a written proposal, it is completely up to you to decide what is best.  Hopefully, due to our many years of experience, you will give us the opportunity to better serve you and your family.  If your air duct isn’t dirty and people in your home or office are experiencing unexplained symptoms, you should go to see your physician.  At times, when the unexplained allergies and symptoms can’t be determined and your life is unlivable, your physician will recommend you to call a consultant.  It is AirCare Hawaii’s promise that we will do a thorough investigation for a better and happier life as well as your healthier indoor environment.


  • How is an Air Duct cleaned?

In most situations what you can expect is a technician or a team of technicians:
  • Putting lining on the ground as well as the floor so that the room does not get dirty and to protect furniture etc…
  • Opening of all the vents in order for inspection and thorough cleaning
  • Vacuuming of all visually inspected debris and fragments using a HEPA vacuum
  • Following all of NADCA standards of cleaning