Hawaii Mold Prevention consists of various methods for example chemical treatments, managing your indoor environment, and practicing day-to-day cleanliness.  AirCare Hawaii may use one or combination of these methods to combat mold growth in your home or building.  If water leaks and contents become saturated you should clean it up quickly.  Typically when materials are dried between 24 hours to 48 hours after a leak, mold will not grow.
  • 1Bathrooms need ventilation in order to reduce mold and mildew growth so use bathroom fan and/or open bathroom windows.
  • 2Use a de-humidifier or run air conditioner unit when necessary.
  • 3Make sure your appliances are properly vented allowing moisture to escape outside home.


Insulate cold surfaces such as water pipes, roof lines, and air conditioning ducts

Reduce humidity with a dehumidifier or AC unit

Increase air flow with windows or fans