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Mold Remediation in Hawaii

  • Hawaii Mold Solution

    Commercial and Residential Remediation

    Mold in apartments

    Mold in a commercial or apartment building in Hawaii can be a real nightmare, Tenants become uneasy, and then a little panicky.  They begin to blame the mold for all kinds of ailments, some of which may be true.

  • Honolulu Mold Remedy

    From Air Conditioning to Inner Walls

    Issues between owners and tenants

    Lawsuits are threatened as tenants try to break leases and move out.  If the mold is in the air conditioning system, the whole building can be affected.  And the Mold Diggers are telling you that everything needs to be torn up and torn down.

  • Waikiki Spore Cleaning

    Make Contact at the First Sign of Mildew

    AirCare Quick Solutions

    That’s why it’s so important to call AirCare at the first signs of mold- visual detection, strange odors, particles being expelled from the air conditioning ducts, or flooding of any kind.  Because time is essential: The quicker the response, the speedier the analysis.  The speedier the analysis, the sooner the Plan is in place.  The sooner the Plan is in place, the faster the action that solves the problem.

  • First Step
  • Second Step
  • Third Step
First, we determine the source of the problem.  We use the latest technology to find the point of origin of the mold and evaluate your building’s air quality.  We will take into account all possible sources and make sure we have located spore colonies which, if left unchecked, will ensure future cases of mold turning up on the property.  Our evaluations are performed in an efficient and timely fashion, but are not considered complete until we are certain all sources have been found and can be isolated.
Second, we define the course.  This is where our experience really comes into play, as we are able to offer a range of options, both long and short term, to return your building to an acceptable standard of health.  Demolition is the absolute last resort.  We save as much as possible, whether it’s the built-in shelving, the wall facing, or the structure itself.  And we can confer with the occupants, communicating our strategy and letting them know that their health and safety a the focus of our efforts.  We will work out a plan to ensure the air is clean by both our standards and your standards.
Third, we deliver the solution with comprehensive, planned execution.  We always look for the least intrusive method that will be effective, and are even willing to work during nighttime when there are fewer people to bother.  We carry out the cleaning in a methodical and timely fashion, performing multiple sweeps of each infected area until all sources and spores are eliminated.  We stand by the results of our efforts our long-standing clients can vouch for our effective methods.  Our common time for return to a property matches the average time it takes for mold to find its way into a brand new home.

With over 20 years of experience in Indoor Air Quality in Hawaii, our systematic approach guarantees success both mold remediation and tenant reassurance.  Call AirCare Hawaii at (808) 593-9600, your trusted source for dealing with all of your building’s environmental issues.