Mold, Dirty Ducts, and Indoor Air Quality by AirCare Hawaii

  • 11 July 2016
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Mold, Dirty Ducts, and Indoor Air Quality by AirCare Hawaii

Hawaiis tropical climate poses a unique threat to healthy indoor air because of its high humidity. Biological growth is common in air-conditioned buildings, where moisture and dust in ventilation systems create ideal conditions for microbial contamination, including mold and bacteria. Changes in building design and operations may increase exposure levels to higher concentrations of a variety of air pollutants. Negative health effects from poor air quality, from allergies to harmful disease, can occur.

One of AirCare Environmental Serivces Inc., unique strengths is our specialized knowledge of biological contaminant identification, removal and control in tropical climates. When an AirCare IAQ evaluation reveals active or potential microbial contaminant sources, air sampling and analysis is conducted to document the extent of contaminants, as well as potential hazards to occupant health. Samples are analyzed by an independent and certified laboratory to assure ourclients unbiased results and the highest degree of accuracy.

Mechanical system deficiencies are almost always associated with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems. AirCares mechanical system inspection assesses system design, condition, maintenance and hygiene factors, and their impact on IAQ.

AirCare provides technology-driven, hygienic services for safely removing contaminates from mechanical systems, and other building surfaces. Certified air systems cleaning specialists, mechanical systems hygienists, and IAQ technicians implement the latest IAQ industry standards, including ASHRAE Std. 62-1989R. Whether residential or commercial, AirCare assures our clients of the highest quality and safest air contamination removal methods.

AirCares mechanical systems hygiene services offer clients a full range of cleaning and remediation alternatives, including basic air duct cleaning, comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and restoration of ventilation systems.

AirCare implements customized mechanical hygiene and restoration programs that target specific problems within ventilation systems and ductwork, including rust control, fiberglass reconditioning, and microorganism control.

AirCare uses the most sophisticated, high-pressure cleaning, sanitizing, coating and restoration systems. AirCare also utilizes a full robotic inspection, cleaning, sanitizing and coating system. 



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