Hawaii Restoration Services


AirCare Hawaii proudly introduces Restoration Science.  This new division promises to deliver smart and precise building restoration services involving water damage, smoke damage and home damage repair.  For more than 20 years, AirCare Hawaii has been site siminsagh recognized as the go-to company to help address unusual or difficult (investigative) situations such as mold, odors, and other indoor environment problems.


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    24 Hour/Day, 7 Day/Week Emergency Responses

  • 2

    Water Extraction

  • 3

    Fast Structural Drying/Dehumidification

Restoration Services AirCare

We are the Insurance Companies Go-To Restoration Specialists in providing immediate mitigation solutions in addressing even the most complex disaster recovery problems in Hawaii.

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    Moisture Mapping & Thermal Image Assessment

  • 8

    Leak Detection

  • 9

    Mildew Spore Analysis & Mold Remediation

  • 4

    Smoke and/or Soot Removal

  • 5

    Deodorization/Odor Removal

  • 6

    Content Cleaning

Restoration Services Hawaii

Restoration Science is there to assist you and meet your objectives regarding your unique situation from start to finish as well as restoring peace of mind.

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    Industrial Hygiene Services

  • 11

    Sampling Services

  • 12

    Testing Services